Posted by: Scott Shappee | October 3, 2008


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 Last month your YAC board traveled to Las Vegas for the 2008 IIABA Young Agents Leadership Institute. We are excited to announce that your Michigan YAC board has once again been honored nationally for their efforts. We received the 2008 Outstanding YAC of the Year Runner-Up Award. This marks the 7th time in 8 years  MI YAC has been recognized nationally by the IIABA. There are 6 categories that are submitted for either separately or all together as a package these include: Membership Development, State Committee project, Communications, Young Agents Meeting, Political Involvement, and Oustanding Young Agents Committee of the Year.   For the past several years your YAC board has submitted to each and every category.   The previous awards won are as follows; 2000 State Committee Project (tied with Indiana), 2002 Young Agents Meeting, 2003 Young Agents Meeting, 2004 Communications and YAC of the Year Runner-Up, and 2006 Young Agents Meeting, and 2007 Communications.  We would like to thank all of your for your continued support and contributions to YAC without your help there wouldn’t be a YAC!


  1. Whooo Hooooo, we’re #2! 🙂

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