Posted by: yacmichigan | May 1, 2012

Needed: Young Agent Volunteers (and not just for YAC)

If you’ve checked out the April 2012 edition of Michigan Agent, you may have run across MAIA’s call for committee volunteers.

Now more than ever, MAIA could use the input of our younger agents to help make decisions on the course of professional development programming, agency technology, independent agent public relations and much more. These decisions will directly effect how valuable an association MAIA is to you and your agency for years to come.

In their terms, which run September 1- August 31, most committees only meet once or twice face-to-face and a couple of more times through conference calls. MAIA staff, working with committee chairs, handles all the meeting logistics. Travel and meal expenses are on MAIA as well.

And the benefits don’t just flow one way…

As much as MAIA receives from volunteer input, our volunteers often tell us the knowledge they gain from the experience really helps them in their personal and professional development.

Where is your help needed? Click here ( ) for a link to that volunteer article, which lists our committees and their missions. You will find a volunteer form at Deadline for volunteering is June 1.

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