Posted by: yacmichigan | March 20, 2013

Is a Career in Insurance Right for You?

When people used to ask you “what do you want to be when you grow up”, did you have a solid answer? Did you think it would be in the field of insurance?

It’s important to truly enjoy your career and have it match your personality and interests. Whatever your passion, insurance has the career for you.

Take the free Caliper personality profile to get an indication of your best fit in the insurance industry. This assessment measures your personality and is used in matching your attributes to appropriate insurance careers.

When you take the Caliper test it makes you think about how you behave in work and social situations. The testing reflects on if you are a fast worker, outgoing person, high or low stress personality.

With all of the questions asked in the test, the results will help you and potential employers gear your future job placement toward the right fit to help you succeed and be comfortable in the work place.

If you were an employer looking for a receptionist would you put an introverted person at the door greeting potential customers? Would you put a quiet shy person out doing cold call selling?

The Caliper career testing helps eliminates time for you and the potential employer from trying to get a gage on what type of job is best for your personality.

Insurance careers range from sales jobs, writing policies, administration to customer service. What type of insurance career is best for you?

Learn more at

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