Posted by: yacmichigan | May 3, 2013

Cool Ways to Get – and Keep – Cool Clients

Cool Ways to Get – and Keep – Cool Clients

Christine Marciano, CIC
Commercial Lines Consultant
Nationwide Sales Academy
Allied/Nationwide insurance

Ah, the age old question: Is it easier to get a client?  – Or to keep a client?  The short answer is that they are both challenging, and both vitally important to the success of your agency.

Since we’re fixin’ to saddle up for YAC Rodeo Days, let’s use a cowboy analogy. (The cows are clients – we are the cowboys, just to be clear here.) Say we’d like to herd these nice cattle across the Rio Grande.  They all need our expertise, care and guidance. Some of them want to join us and some of them are taking lots of our time and slowing down the whole cattle drive.  We’d like to know which cattle to keep with us and which of these calves are too little to make the trip this year.  Should we leave a few in the corral?

Join me on Wednesday June 19th to discuss how to move toward your best buyers and know when to set the others gently aside, for now.  We’ll talk about objections and share some ways to move past them effectively.  We’ll explore why the pre-close may be the best close.

Once we’ve got our best clients safely in our agencies – then we continue their care and feeding.

In advance of our cowboy time together, please consider these two tactics to improve client satisfaction:

  1. 800 phone number – When we sell a policy, ask the client to enter the carrier’s claims number into their cell phone.  When the client has a claim, or even a roadside event, having the carrier phone number can get an insured the help they need…fast.  Let’s face it, most of us are joined to our devices and would have them surgically implanted someday.  Our clients are the same way.
  2. Three-Way Calling – Consider making a three-way phone call to the carrier when the insured calls you with a claims report.  The client gets to tell the story once; you get to hear it, too.  You’ll get the claim number and the adjuster’s name, as well.  The claim will move along more quickly, and the insured feels that you have held their hand through it all – because you did.

See you at the rodeo.

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