Posted by: yacmichigan | May 21, 2013

Why YAC Annual Conference? IT ROCKS! That’s why.

Wendy Loveless

Wendy Loveless at the 2010 YAC Conference

Why YAC Annual Conference?  IT  ROCKS!  That’s why. Written by: Wendy Loveless from Arlington/Roe & Company

Industry Relationships that last a lifetime…

Over the years I have:  made great friends, danced ‘til the wee hours, watched babies grow up, laughed at comedians, been an actress, a hula dancer, led winning teams to scavenger hunt victory and sooo much more. 

One of my favorite stories comes from a golf outing that is historically part of the event.  I was lucky enough to get paired to golf with Kelly and Greg and learned their cool story.  Very simply, they met at YAC years before, were from opposite sides of the state, started long distance dating and were celebrating several years of marriage when we golfed together that first time.  Plus, they were good golfers.

I remember another golf event – One member of our team was late in arriving.  The course brought Dave out to join us after the first hole.  I remember clearly, instead of a golf bag, he was carrying 4 clubs tied together with a bandana and was ready to play.  We had a riot. 

Karen and Kelly – were paired in a room in Karen’s first year. One was from Traverse City, one from Saginaw.  They reconnect every year and in between.  Today they both serve on the YAC board.

Oh, I also won $100 just for attending a great CE class.  

The great stories go on and on and I will be happy to tell them to you in more detail, just look me up this year at Spring Conference.    It’s really simple, we are in a relationship business and your opportunities begin at Spring Conference.   SO DON’T MISS OUT!

Early bird rate ends Friday, May 24th. Sign up today!

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