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Adam Rekerdres Continues Young Agent Discussion

Adam Rekerdres Continues Young Agent Discussion – nGI

Vice President, Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency Inc.


December 12, 2013 • Reprints


Years at company: 9 years College: University of Dallas, 2001 Organizations: Independent Insurance Agents, International Standards Organization

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How can employers recruit young talent?  We have experienced more success recruiting young people who are only a year or two out of college. Even better, we make space for summer interns. If they are a good fit, we offer them a full time position immediately after graduation.

How did you determine that insurance was a viable career choice?  Coming from a family agency, I always thought it was a possibility and something that I would enjoy.  I would say I truly determined it was a viable career choice once I figured out that I was good at it! And it took a long time to get there!

How does technology fit into your work strategy?  We use technology to improve our work flows. We have identified the most important work procedures in our office and we use a proprietary system to monitor the performance of those procedures. The performance of any third party provider (including carriers) is also monitored and measured.

What’s your mantra for success? I follow the wisdom of the Oracle at Delphi: “Know thyself.”

Who do you look toward as a mentor in this industry?  My father Ted Rekerdres is a mentor to me.

What legislative issues are you interested in? I am interested in the development of captive insurance law in Texas. 

What are your main priorities as a young agent? My main priority is work/life balance. In particula,r I struggle with limiting the amount of travel. Travel takes time from the family and it is also takes a toll on the body.

How do you balance work and personal life?  I set realistic goals and boundaries at the beginning of the year. It is really difficult to uphold the boundaries.

What is an important lesson you learned when joining a professional working environment? I learned early on the importance of being punctual and paying attention to details. Those were two qualities which do not come naturally to me and I have had to focus on.

What do you see Gen Y/Millennials struggle with in a professional environment? What advice do you have? I see young people unable to immediately see the benefit in staying with an employer long term verses chasing the next highest paycheck. I think young people today struggle with seeing the value in the work environment that may go beyond the paycheck.

Where do you hope to take your career? What direction would you like your career to go?  Very simple – reputation is gold for me. If I can be a good steward of my family business and maintain the rock-solid reputation, then I will consider that success.

Many young agents enter this industry because other family members work in insurance. What advice do you have when working with family? Communication and boundaries are key when working with family members. People think that working with family member is easy, but many times basic aspects of business, such as communication, are complicated and strained. Because there is a very personal relationship and history involved, you have to be really brave and set clear boundaries.

What skills do you think young agents will need next year?  Young agents need to learn how to present well, speak well and write well.  I look for young agents who can think outside of the box and get concepts across to clients.

What do you see young agents struggle with in their first years in this industry? What advice do you have?  Young agents may see insurance as a boring desk job in their first years. My advice would be to get out there and get some experience! If there is a big claim, then go see it first hand!

What are some of your career highlights? A recent highlight was arranging a shipping container to be delivered to the parking lot at an industry convention. I gave a presentation inside the container on container shipping best practices.  It was well attended!

Have you won any awards in your field? If so, how have you used that award to further yourself in this industry? My agency has won the Export “E” Star award.  We are also the first retail agency in the US to be ISO 9000 certified. The ISO certification is important to us. It means an independent person audits our procedures and customer service every year.

Adam Rekerdres was featured in the December 2013 Issue of AA&B. He is the vice president of Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency Inc.

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