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Getting Involved in YAC is Worth It!

Getting Involved in YAC is Worth It!

By Anthony DiPilla, YAC Chair


It was almost four years ago to this day that I wrote my first insurance policy. Before that day, I was really lost when considering what I wanted to do in life (at college I changed my major three or four times).

Luckily, a close family friend of mine, Mr. James LaCommare (a retired agent), suggested I seriously consider getting into the insurance business. I went on a few client appointments with his son, Vince LaCommare (now my co-worker)and soon realized that insurance was something I could definitely see myself doing. Everyone needs insurance, and it would give me the ability to make a difference in a client’s life. Also, I love interacting with people and there’s no better industry for that than insurance.

About six months into my new job, I had the pleasure of meeting and golfing with our former MAIA YAC Staff Liaison, Maunda Land. She contacted me a few days later, and encouraged me to get involved in the Young Agents Council. To be 100% honest, I was extremely hesitant. I wasn’t sure how I could balance my job responsibilities with participation in YAC. Thankfully, my boss, Bruce Morris, was extremely supportive and said the Council would help me develop many good industry relationships, just like he had done when he first started.

This is my fourth year with YAC and I have had absolutely no regrets. As you know, insurance is about building relationships, not only with clients, but also carrier representatives, the restoration companies we refer our clients to, and especially with other agents.

When you hear about interacting with other agents, you might think, “Why would you develop a relationship with your competition?” A great question! There have been occasions where my “competition” has helped me write an account rather than take one away. On any given day, I can send out an email to my Council friends about a certain risk I may have limited knowledge of and they will then help guide me in the right direction, which leads me to writing an account with confidence.

This is just one of many examples of why I believe it’s really worth getting involved with YAC and attending their events. Developing relationships with carriers and collaborating with other young agents is just as important as building trust with clients. Getting involved with YAC allows agents to do this for a small investment of your free time. Where else can you get that opportunity? It is a no-brainer, get involved!

About YAC’s Biggest Annual Event

When I arrived at my first YAC Conference on Mackinac Island, I was a little intimidated. There were so many people with name badges hanging from their necks that I had never seen before. I didn’t know if I should just approach people and initiate a conversation or if I should wait until someone introduced themselves to me. Thankfully, my fellow young agents came to my rescue. It is nice having that other young agent who can extend a welcoming hand and introduce you to other industry people. I am willing to offer that hand to any young agents who want to get involved.

If you have never been to our Annual Conference, I encourage you to come to see what it’s all about. It may or may not be for you but, how will you know until you’ve attended? It is also my hope that people who have attended in the past will return. Like any other relationship, if you neglect it, it will begin to fade.

The Young Agents Council is about helping young agents develop in this industry, but we hope this year’s Conference – Once A YAC, Always A YAC – underscores our commitment to continue the wonderful relationships we’ve made with all agents and company representatives throughout the years regardless of age and experience. Simply put, “I am not a young agent anymore” or “Isn’t it limited to young agents?” are no longer valid reasons for skipping the Conference.

We’ll be back on Mackinaw Island June 11-12, providing attendees with an opportunity to earn CE credit, and participate in activities that will both strengthen insurance knowledge and help build, continue or renew relationships in this business. For more information regarding our events and the conference, please feel free to contact me or Rita LaMoreaux,, 517-327-8034 at MAIA. ■

Anthony DiPilla is an agent at Morris Insurance Group in Rochester, Michigan. 

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